How Do We Find Them?

As I watch the latest political hackery unfold around Alabama Republican Senate candidate, Roy Moore, I am reminded (again) of one of the defining differences between establishment Republicans and pretty much all Democrats: Democrat political leaders fight, Republican political dilettantes cower.

We have given the Grand Ol’ Republican Party ample opportunity to carry out the changes we have repeatedly elected them to accomplish, and we have been left standing around like naifs, as though we and our wishes don’t matter. “Thank you for your support. Oh, we’re not going actually do the things for which you elected us; we know better than you about what is best for us … er… the American people.”

Like you, my patience with my elected officials, all of them, of any party whatsoever, has reached its terminus. I am not willing to wait any longer for actions to be carried out to completion. After working with my fellow citizens to provide the necessary power and resources to the Republican Party for last decade, just to watch Party leadership and and its sycophants expend it to only line their own pockets and those of their “friends”, I am no longer willing to do so.

The questions becomes “How do we find candidates for whom to vote that will do what we sent them to the halls of power to accomplish?”

As I ponder, I put this question to you. Please chime in below.